Glossary of Knitting Terms

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k - knit p - purl k2tog - Knit 2 together p2tog - Purl 2 together
tw2L or LT - knit 2 sts thru back loop, leave sts on needle, then knit first st again thru front loop, and remove both sts from needle (left twist). tw2R or RT - knit 2 sts together, leave sts on needle, then knit first st again and remove both sts from needle (right twist) ssk - slip next two sts, one at a time, to right hand needle, then insert left needle into those 2 sts from left to right and knit them together p2tog-b - purl 2 sts tog thru back loop
sl 1 - slip one stitch from left needle to right needle without working it yo - yarn over M1 - (make one) lift running thread between the stitch just worked and the next stitch, and knit into the back of this thread sl 1-k2tog-psso - slip one stitch with yarn in back, knit next two stitches together, then pass the slipped stitch over the knit stitch
pm - place marker rm - remove marker dpn - double pointed needle (or cable needle)
Cables - individual cables are described in each pattern as they will differ from pattern to pattern.
Bobbles - are also described in those patterns that use them.

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